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Impact Instruments supplying mining, utilities, manufacturing, food, petrochemical, steel, transformer and paper industries.Impact Instruments supplying occupational hygienists, health and safety, logistics and pharmaceutical industry

Serving the industrial market for more than ten years, we continually strive to provide a superior range of products and surveys accompanied by a "bend over backwards" approach to service. Our reach covers South Africa and neighbouring countries, supplying the utilities, mining, petrochemical, food, beverage, pulp, paper, steel and engineering fields.

Video presentations

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    Falco Fixed VOC TPT 522 N Water leak & pipe & cable locatorUTG ME  Shocktrak inside and out Balmac Vibration Analyzer and Balancer Model 4216 Yellow E 6000 alone
      Fixed VOC detector         Water/Pipe/Cable Locator           Thru Paint Thickness Gauge          Impact Recorder                  Vibration Analyser / Balancer             Flue Gas Analyser  

Condition Monitoring

Focusing on three of the industry recognised condition monitoring techniques, our specialisation remains in Thermography, Vibration Analysis  and Ultrasound Acoustic Monitoring. Complementary techniques include Vibration Balancing  and  Leak location in closed Hydraulic / Water systems.
C Series Rear View

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A Scan
AG 435.15 alone - Copy
Accelerometer Model 6051
Accelerometer Model 6420 V
Accelerometer Model 8002 C _ CFM
Asset Care - Copy
Athlete AG 319
Balmac Model 230M
Balmac Vibration Analyzer Model 4216
Basic thickness gauge complete with two small diameter probes
Borescope viewing camera
C Series Components
CO Meter with temperature
Checkline Combo Tacho CDT 2000 HD
Chilled distribution
DWL 20 E with external probe
E 1500 with probe and bubbler
E 8500 Plus New Specs
E8500 Plus
E8500 small
EC 770 Coating thickness gauge
Eskom Standard
Falco front view
Fixed Stroboscopes
Halogen moisture meter
Infrared thermometers
Leaking hoses
Leo Multi Gas Detector
Lightning Detector
MVI at FA Platform
Marksman II Ultrasonic Tool
Mechanise 3
Model 191 Close Up
Model 550 M switch IS inside view
MoniLog Photon
Monilog Data Link
OPK-341 Kit
Optimax 400 Violet light LED
Original Schmidt Hammer
Paperless chart recorders
Pipe inspection camera
Portable Vibration Meter Model RH711
Positector interchangeable probe diagram
Power Analyser DW 6093
Reactor insulation_2
Refrigeration applications
Shaft Hog Laser Shaft Alignment System
Shock bug g View
Shocktrak flow chart
Success AG 438.15 Water leak detector for metal or plastic pipes metal pipe  cable locator depth measurement
Success TPT-522 Water leak locator for metal or plastic pipes metal pipe  cable locator depth measurement pin point cable faults
TPT Full House
Temperature measurement on paper machine cylinders
Tiger Select
Tobacco Moisture Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Vibration Meter Model 205 M
Vibration Switch Model 555
Vibration meter with separate probe handle and magnetic base
Vibration options full range
Vibration switch Model 550 X
Vibration transmitter Model 191
Water Leak Detector SUCCESS ATP-424 _ 434
Water Leak Detector Success -407
Water leak detection
Weather Station with WiFi
maMos and MadIR
monilog high res 2
photon pic

Environmental Measurement

Increase in environmental damage and preservation of our living planet, leads to greater requirement for Environmental Monitors for Method 21 compliance, environmental safety, head space monitoring and more. Personal Gas Monitors protect workers from excessive exposure to noxious fumes. Petrochemical, power generation in GIS and ring main units and maintenance lead to possible leakage and exposure to gases such as TAC's,Benzene,SF6, Hydrogen, Helium and refrigerent gases.  In addition to environmental legislation requirements, our range of Flue Gas Analysers, assist in improving combustion efficiency and performance of boilers, burners, incinerators, calciners and generators. Measuring your CO2, CO, SO2 and NOx in vehicle emissions and improving the output from diesel or petrol vehicles, will contribute to reducing South Africa's carbon footprint.

Shipping and Handling

Representing the leaders in impact recorder manufacturing, has afforded us the privilege of supplying and supporting the Southern African market with electronic impact recorders for applications spanning niche component / sensitive product handling up to high value, high mass  items including mining equipment, rigging, transformers, rotors, switchgearturbine blades and locos. Parameters measuring shock, tilt, pressure, light exposure, pressure, temperature and GPS integration are all available to be included with the date and time stamp of incidence, on downloading. Alternatively one can view impacts during transit, on logger, or by downloading, or receive email transmission of incidents during the trip. 

Our latest additions to our range are the wireless, sensing recorder systems, used in the supply chain sector for the monitoring, recording and live viewing of environmental parameters affecting food manufacturing, chilled distribution, pharmaceutical, healthcare and compliance.

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