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Velocity and Level Transducer 

Ultraflow 6537


A unique combination of water velocity, depth, pressure, conductivity and temperature integrated with a solid state logger, a new generation of intelligent flow measurement systems. 

  • 20 coordinate points to describe the rivers shape or cross section
  • One sensor can measure the velocity, depth and conductivity at the same time.
  • Velocity Range : 0.02mm/s to 10m/s bi-directional, accuracy is 2%.
  • Depth Range : 20mm to 10m
  • Measure velocity in both upstream and downstream
  • Depth is measured by both the pressure and ultrasonic level sensor principles
  • Fitted with coordinate correction and pressure compensation
  • IP68 Epoxy-sealed body design
  • RS485/MODBUS output



Power supply:

Calculator:220VAC & 24VDC;Sensor:12VDC

IP class:

Calculator: IP66, Sensor: IP68

Operating temperature:

 0°C to 60°C water temperature

Calculator display:

4.5” color LCD

Calculator output:

4-20mA, RS485( Modbus-RTU), Data logger, GPRS

Sensor size:

135mm x 50mm x 20mm (L x W x H)


Partially Filled Pipe:200-10000mm; Open Channel: 200-10000mm

Flow calculation:


Pipe, Channel type

Partially filled pipe, Open Channel and River, Stream

Sensor material:

Epoxy-sealed body, Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket

Sensor weight:

1kg with 15m of cable, extendable to 100m

Velocity range:

0.02m/s to 10m/s in one direction or bidirectional flow capacity 

Velocity accuracy:

±2% measured velocity

Velocity resolution:


Depth range:

20mm to 5m (Ultraflow 6527); 20mm to 10m (Ultraflow 6537)

Temperature resolution:



15m, maximum optional length 100m.

Power usage:

10V to 24VDC, 50µA standby, 100mA/s


SDI-12V 1.3recorder (1200 baud smart instrument channel)

6537 c

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