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Transformer DC Resistance Tester

Inductive DC Resistance Tester

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  • On large transformers with a five-leg core and low-voltage windings connected in delta, the tester can be used to test the HV and LV series excitation mode.
  • The magnetic augmented circuit of the windings can be automatically connected to quickly and accurately test the DC resistance of the low-voltage windings.
  • Three Phases Test function measures the three-phase DC resistance of the star-connected windings synchronously and calculates the three-phase unbalance rate automatically.
  • The phase by phase test function can also be used for phase by phase test on transformers with YN and D ( Y ) connections
  • The winding material selector can be set according to the winding material of the transformer, such as copper or aluminum, to distinguish the conversion temperature coefficient of different materials.
  • Equipped with transformer YN winding neutral point lead line resistance detection function
  • Fitted with complete protection circuit and sound discharge alarm, to inform the clear discharge indication and reduce the misoperation.
  • 7 inch color touch screen display for real time data display.
  • RS232 comms port to transmit data onboard, 100 groups of data can be stored
  • Parameter settings :  test windings, tapping positions, test phases, tested sample temperature and conversion temperature of the transformers.
Output current: Three-phase test: 10A+10A; 5A+5A; 1A+1A; 200mA+200mA; 20mA+20mA;
Single-phase test: 20A; 10A; 5A; 1A; 200mA; 20mA;
Measurement range:
Three-phase test: 
  • 10A+10A: 1mΩ~0.6Ω
  • 5A+5A: 2mΩ~1.2Ω 1A+1A: 10mΩ~6Ω
  • 200mA+200mA: 100mΩ~30Ω
  • 20mA+20mA: 10Ω~200Ω
Single-phase test: 
  • 20A: 0.5mΩ~1Ω
  • 10A: 1mΩ~2Ω
  • 5A: 2mΩ~4Ω
  • 1A: 10mΩ~20Ω
  • 200mA: 100mΩ~100Ω
  • 20mA: 10Ω~20KΩ
Accuracy: ±(0.2%+2 digits)
Minimum resolution: 0.1μΩ
Operating temperature: -10 to 40°C
Ambient humidity: ≤80%RH, no condensation
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Weight : 11.2kg