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E8500 Plus Portable Flue Gas Analyser

Fitted With Up to Six Electrochemical and Three NDIR Sensors

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EInst by Sauermann

Complies with USEPA CTM-030 & CTM-034 Test Methods

The E8500 Plus is the most powerful and advanced portable emissions analyzer on the market, and is a complete, portable tool for EPA compliance–level emissions monitoring of boilers, engines, and other combustion equipment.

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  • Up to 9 Gas Sensors: O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S (Electrochemical), CO2, CxHy Hydrocarbons, High CO (NDIR), VOC (PID)
  • Low NOx and “True” NOx Measurements
  • Built–in Thermoelectric Chiller with Automatic Condensate Removal
  • Software for Real–Time Data Logging, Graphing, and Reporting with unlimited memory
  • Blue Tooth Wireless Communications
  • CO Dilution Auto–Range for Measurements up to 20,000ppm
  • Automatic Long–Term Monitoring & Data Logging
  • Enhanced Internal Memory (2000 Tests)
  • Sample Conditioning Unit for Low NOx & SO2 Measurements
  • Bluetooth Wireless Remote Printer
  • Long Life Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • High Temperature Probes with Sintered Filter
  • Stack Gas Velocity with Pitot Tube
  • Temperature & Pressure Measurements
  • CO2%, Efficiency, & Excess Air Calculations
  • Light Weight, Durable, & Easy to Transport Design with Easy Filter Access


Applications :

  • Industrial Processes – Power Plants, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical
  • Waste Incineration & Management – Industrial, Municipal, Medical & Hospital, Landfills
  • Burning Biomass – Pulp & Paper Plants, Saw Mills, Sugar Mills, Peat & Wood Waste
  • Institutional – Schools, College Campuses, Prisons, Hospitals
  • Rotary Kiln gas outlet – O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2, CxHy, temp.
  • Pre-Heaters & Pre-Calciners – O2, CO, NOx, CO2, temp.
  • Flue Gas Conditioning System – CO, NOx, SO2, CO2 (such as scrubber, SCR, SNCR)
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) inlet – CO
  • Main Stack (for CEM back-up) – O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2, CxHy

 Options :

  • 1m Gas Sampling Probe, 1200oC max, with 3m hose (instead of standard 300mm probe)
  • 1.5m Gas Sampling Probe, 1200oC max, with 3m Hose (instead of standard 300mm probe)
  • Sintered Filter for probe tip for dusty / dirty applications


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