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Monilog Shock Display Curve 2

Impact Recorder With Digital Display 


SMT Elektronik



  • Extremely robust (IP67)
  • aptures and saves the 500 largest mechanical shock events with signal progression
  • Measures direction, strength, time, duration, minimum and maximum of impact
  • Inclination measurement on board
  • Easy operation, display, alarm function, long operating time, multi-level password protection
  • Conformity with all relevant norms and standards for measurement of transport shocks
  • USB interface
  • Powerful analysis software
 Monilog Shockdisplay 2







  • The extremely robust measuring instrument - programmable via function keys and menu or software - stores the 500 largest shock events as well as inclination values.
  • The measurement results are displayed on the display with various parameters as well as an alarm function.
  • The shock and inclination events can also be stored as a signal progression for a later precise evaluation.
  • The electronics of the data logger is specially optimized for long operating times and works with commercially available batteries.
  • The real-time measurement makes it possible to record the measured values in a real response time of “zero” milliseconds when events occur.
  • Via the USB interface, data can be read out on the PC with a user-friendly software and the measured data can be analysed.
  • Password protection grants user groups different rights and accesses.
  • The use of state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to produce this device at a moderate price/performance ratio in compliance with EC directives.
  • Through its standard compliant measurement, the data logger is ideally suited for the routine transport monitoring of energy equipment such as transformers, switchgear and generators and, thanks to its reliable record and tamper-evident, generally recognized by experts, surveyors and transport insurers.

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