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Portable Lightning Detector 

Thunderbolt X2

Storm ahead? 

R 9 500.00 Excl. VAT, New stock arriving mid to end January 2022

Thunderbolt 2 5

Thunderbolt 2 4


Easy to use, accurate indicator 


  • Most recent strike in kilometers
  • Estimated time to arrive in minutes
  • Closest strike in kilometers
  • Includes rubber boot


  • Device provides early warning beyond the basic human senses and gives a distance estimation to the storm front.
  • Algorithm designed to minimize false indications (2nd Generation)
  • Antenna auto tuning provides for optimal performance and eliminates the need for yearly calibration.

The ThunderBolt Storm Detector has been designed to deliver the lightning detection features most important to industrial and commercial users. Truly the most accurate handheld lightning detector available in the market today, ThunderBolt provides you with more information on approaching storms to help you plan your shutdown decisions.


Whether it’s about protecting your people, operations, or both, shutdown due to lightning translates to money. When it comes to lightning, safety and productivity is a challenging balancing act. The safety of your people is paramount, yet you don’t want to shut down a minute longer than necessary. Can you really be sure your lightning detector is giving the most accurate information? You can now.  ThunderBolt’s new detection software and antenna allows ThunderBolt to detect at a new frequency. This enables ThunderBolt to provide fast and incredibly accurate detection information for both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning activity. This speed and accuracy allows you to restart operations in the least amount of time safely.


False detections caused electromagnetic interference (EMI) is the biggest reason for lost confidence in lightning detection. While ThunderBolt, with its noise test routine, was always far better than all other lightning detectors, it was not immune to noise and smart phones have increased the problem. So, how can you really be sure lightning has been detected? The new ThunderBolt puts this problem to rest. 


The new ThunderBolt calibrates every time it is powered up, so you can be confident that it is detecting at peak performance, maintaining its incredible accuracy and detection speed every time you use it. Even better, for operations required to perform regular, documented calibrations on all electronic instruments, users can perform an easy-to-do manual calibration within the ThunderBolt’s menu.


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