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Textile Moisture Meter

Model TMT 425

For the determination of moisture in textiles, natural materials, synthetics and yarn.

Features :

Wide measuring range of 0.3% to 26% moisture content

  • Factory-supplied calibration curves included; Wool, Cotton, Rayon, Flax yarn, Jute yarn, Hemp yarn, Acetate, Nylon, Polyacrylic, Polyester (Reference scale)
  • Many stored curves for determining humidity in textile, natural and synthetic fabrics and yarns.
  • Automatically calculates average measurement values
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Memory Enables quality control and documentation on location
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian
  • No conversion tables needed!

Digital textile moisture meter tmt 425

Built-In Factory Calibration Curves

Textile TypeMeasuring Range
Wool 13% - 26%
Cotton 1.5% - 13%
Rayon 4% - 26%
Flax Yarn 5.5% - 15%
Jute Yarn 8% - 24%
Hemp Yarn 5% - 17%
Acetate 3.5% - 13%
Nylon 1.5% - 6.5%
Polyacrylic 0.2% - 3%
Polyester 0.5% - 4%
Digit (Reference Scale) 0 - 100 units (Reference Scale)



Standard Electrodes & Accessories
205 205

Needle electrode for yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks (needle length 25 mm)

207 207

Needle electrode for yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks (needle length 100 mm) 

50200m 200-TEM1

1 meter length cable to connect electrode to indicator

50204m 204

Electrode holder. Fixture to secure interchangeable electrodes with connection for 200-TEM1 cable.

Optional Electrodes
202large 202

For raw cotton, with a friction clutch permitting adjustment of a constant pressure. For measuring bulk goods such as cotton etc.The material is poured into the cup and compressed with the pad of the compression screw. As the material is compressed, it is crushed on the crusher cone to ensure accurate readings. The electrode connects to the moisture meter direct, without the use of the universal measuring cable.
Requires use of additional cable, P/N: 50400CM

206 206

For measuring yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks, needle length 45 mm, weight 45 g

50208m 208

For measuring harder materials e. g. felt, needle length 17 mm, weight 40 g
209bsm large 209

Stab electrode for textiles in sacks and rolls (needle length 325 mm)
209bsm large 209 BSM

Cotton electrode, especially for measuring cotton and similar products in sacks or pressed bales
piercing point 75 mm, insulated shank 175 mm (total length app. 250 mm) 
210 210

Knife electrode for rolls or bales of textile fabric (knife length 110 mm)

Roller electrode for running webs of textiles (roller 27 mm Ø)
212large 212

Continuous run electrode for yarn hanks and single filaments (roller 16 mm Ø)
213 213

Surface electrode for fabrics (surface 23 mm Ø)
299 299

Calibration electrode with a fixed calibration value