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For industrial and environmental worker safety in moisture and dust free applications, we offer the SENMA, enclosed in an ABS housing with membrane pump, solenoid valve and a range of electrochemical; NDIR; thermal conductivity; PID sensors, to choose from.
Gas sample is sucked through the membrane pump, into the unit for analysis, when the gas concentration exceeds the specified level, the relay outputs switch, close or alarm, as per user's setup.
       Technical data
Main features


  • Wide choice of electrochemical, NDIR, TCD and VOC sensors
  • Available for various ranges and resolutions
  • ABS housing
  • Miniature membrane pump
  • Solenoid valve for automatic ventilation and zeroing
  • PC program to adjust the analyser's settings and to view the results
  • Communication with PC via MODBUS 485 / RS485
  • Analogue output (0/4รท20mA)
  • Alarm (open drain) relay output
  • Optional display (4,5 digits)

General view of SENMA

 External view of SENMA

Internal view of SENMA