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Personal EMF Monitor

Wavemon measures workers exposure to electromagnetic fields

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  • According to the international standards on EMF safety.
  • E-field measurements up to 8 GHz and H-field measurements up to 1 GHz.
  • Isotropic sensors.
  • RMS detection.
  • Weighted response to ICNIRP, European Directive 2012/35/EU, FCC and SC6 for direct comparison with the regulatory limit.
  • High intensity audible, visible and vibration alarms.
  • User-defined alarm threshold.
  • Datalogger for reporting and historical registry of data.
  • PC USB connection for data downloading and configuration.
  • Small and light.
  • Powered by two standard AA batteries, disposable or rechargeable through its USB port.
  • More than 200 hours autonomy.