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Process Measurement

Wireless Condition Monitoring

Wireless Online System 

Monitor your critical machines remotely, obtain vibration and temperature alarms, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!


Wireless on centrifugal fan motorRH505 Vibration and temperature wireless sensors horizontal 2Wireless sensors at cement plantCrusher plant with wireless


Wireless vibration and temperature sensor RH505

  • Long distance communication with data gateway (300 meters at line of sight, 80 meters in a high density industrial site)
  • Low battery consumption design, 2 years battery lifetime ( overall value once every 5 minutes, time waveform and FFT once every 2 hours).
  • No wires
  • ExiaCT4, for use in Zone 0, IP67,waterproof, dustproof.

Vibration Measurement Parameter 

  • Vibration Range ±50 g
  • Linearity 1%
  • Frequency Response 2Hz~15kHz (±3dB)
  • Analysis Frequency(Hz) 500/1K/2K/5K/10K/15K/20K
  • Number of Sample 1K~128K (1K=1024)
  • Sampling rate Max. 51.2KHz
  • Measurement types Overall value, FFT, time signal, Envelop FFT
  • Temperature Measurement Parameter
  • Temperature Range -40125 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy ±1 °C

Electrical and Structure Parameter

  • Power Supply Lithium - thionyl chloride battery, 3.6V, 3.3Ah
  • Communication Method 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
  • Dimension 46 mm × 94 mm (Diameter * Height)
  • Weight 188 g

Environment Parameter

  • Working Temperature -4070 °C
  • IP 67

Use with : 

RONDS RH 560 Data CollectorRH560 mounted in plant

RH 560 Wireless Data Collector

Ethernet, 3G/4G or WIFI network transmission (Only one type can be chosen for each RH560, default comms is Ethernet: RJ45 cable will be used to connect RH560 and the server) Anti-explosion design (ExdIICT4)

Input and output

  • 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Communication protocol
  • Integral indicator with 3 LED's for working, communication and abnormal status indication
  • 30~60 RH505 Sensors can communicate with the RH 560 units 
  • Analysis Frequency(Hz) 500/1K/2K/5K/10/15K/20K Frequency analysis
  • Number of Sample 1K~128K (1K=1024) Number of samples

Electrical and Structure Parameter

  • Power Supply 220V AC or Lithium - thionyl chloride
  • Battery 3.6V 38Ah
  • Dimension 203 mm × 82 mm × 260 mm (Length *Width * Height)
  • Weight 3 kg
  • Mounting, hanging or fixation through holder

Environmental Parameter

  • Working Temperature -40~70 °C
  • IP grade IP66
MOS 3000 DAQ screen


MOS3000 Web Based Software Need help

View your plant condition anywhere, anytime. Remote login to web based software for real time data inspection.
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