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Photon Portable Analyser

Portable NDIR Gas Flue Gas Analyser

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Main Features 

  • Double thermal stabilisation: stabilisation of entire casing and of each NDIR sensor separately - providing the best thermal stabilisation (accuracy to 0.01°C), short warm up time (30 - 60min) and the best accuracy in the NDIR sensors
  • Up to 6 NDIR sensors, up to 3 electrochemical cells
  • Paired up with professional gas conditioner - PGD-100
  • Large - 6.4”, high-resolution - VGA (640x480) colourful display with touch-pad
  • PC-104 industrial class computer with Windows CE operating system
  • Advanced algorithms control analysers operational functionality including warming up, compensation of cross-sensitivity values, response time - all which influence the quality and performance.
  • Measurement of many additional parameters: temperatures (ambient, gas), pressures (atmospheric, differential), flow velocity (with Pitot tube), flow control through device and more
  • Calculation of all combustion parameters like: stack loss, combustion efficiency, excess air coefficient, dew point temperature, and more
  • Communication with PC computer via RS232C and Ethernet interfaces
  • 2x USB port for connecting commercial peripherals (mice, keyboards) and Photon add-ons (analogue outputs / inputs)
  • Optional add-ons: analogue outputs (8-channels), analogue inputs (8-channels) modules
  • Optional portable printer
  • Results stored in database -  view entire measurement session in graphical form, create measurement reports, export data to csv files, and more
  • Database 

  • Gas conditioner
  • Heated hoses 
  • Paramagnetic O2 sensor option
  • Individual NDIR sensors option
  • Analogue inputs option
  • Analogue outputs option
Measures : Gas temperatures x 2, boiler intake air temperature, differential presssure, gas flow (with pitot).
Calculates : Incomplete combustion, Lambda, stack loss, combustion efficiency. 


Complete and ready to operate Photon analyser


Front panel view


Gas and electric connectors


Example screens