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Laser Shaft Alignment Kit QB701M

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QB 701M Laser Shaft Alignment System 


 QB701 July 2023 B

QB 701M Laser Shaft Alignment System

QB701M Table 2023

CCD sensors with built in bluetooth 

QB701 is designed for the easy and precise measurement of shaft axis misalignment on coupled machines and the calculation of movable machine adjustment required, eliminating misalignment that exceeds permissible tolerances. Machine alignment refers to the adjustment of the relative position of two coupled machines, e.g. motor and pump, so that the center line of the axis will be concentric when the machines are running under normal working conditions. Available in the basic QB701S model or the full featured QB701M. Upgrade from QB701S to M is possible by buying a licence code locally, no need to return equipment to factory.

Functions of QB701M

  • Horizontal and vertical shaft alignment 
  • Machines with spacer shafts
  • Soft foot
  • Shim simulation
  • Thermal growth
  • Direct PDF reports
  • Auto shoot and multipoint readings
  • Sensor range extension
  • Fixed feet
  • 10m sensor distance 

Specifications and Features

  • Transducers with built in Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries, CCD detectors with 30mm laser line
  • Up to 10m distance between transducers
  • Visible red 635-670 nm, <1 mW laser
  • 1% + 0.01, measurement accuracy
  • 0.01 or 0.001 mm display resolution
  • Windows style operating system
  • Print a report via the database software on your PC or save it directly into a .pdf file on the device

Conspect Report H

System Package includes

Colour display control unit with 10 hour battery life and IP 65 enclosure, 2 x 30mm CCD detectors with built in Bluetooth, 2 x 150mm and 2 x 90mm threaded rods, 750mm shaft diameter chains, Universal V shaft brackets, CD with “ConSpect” software, USB cable, USB type charger, Carry case, Manufacturer's verification certificate valid for 2 years, 50 month limited warranty.

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