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Vibration Sensors and Analogue Accelerometers 

Permanent Vibration Monitoring for Rotating Equipment  

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IEPE Industrial Sensors

IEPE Industrial

IEPE Industrial Individual 2

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IEPE Industrial Triaxial

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 4 20mA transmitters

4 20mA individual sensors

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**Model 125.01 replaced with**

Model 425.01 is now the low cost replacement when your machine rotation is >500 RPM.
Model 425.51 is now the premium replacement when your machine rotation is >180 RPM

-> 125.01-SRXX  is replaced by 425.01-SRXX
-> 125.01-VRXX  is replaced by 425.51-VRXX  or  425.01-SRXX
-> 125.01-ARXX  is replaced by 425.51-ARXX



  • Integral cable or separate with a cable connector
  • Stainless steel overbraid (most common) or silicone cabling

Cable Assemblies Vibration Sensors 2


    Vibration sensor with 2 pins and 2 pin connector cmp   Vibration sensor with 4 pins cmp   Vibration sensor 2 pin cmp   Vibration sensor with twisted pair shielded teflon FEP OD 5.4mm 200C with stainless steel overbraid cable assembly   Vibration sensor with polyurethane cable assembly option cmp     



Industrial Accelerometers with Analogue Outputs

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IAC range

A variety of accelerometers to meet different applications -

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  • IAC: Mainly for structural applications due to low acceleration range options of 2 or 6g
  • IAC-HiRes: Mainlly for structural applications but with high resolution and very low noise (<10μg/√Hz)
  • IAC-CM: Mainly for high frequency machine monitoring applications requiring a higher bandwidth (up to 10kHz)
  • IAC-UHRS : Seismic: for very high resolution (e.g. background noise lower than 2μg/√Hz) 


Part Number  Suffix Codes :

  • I : Current (4 to 20mA) output
  • U :  Voltage output , 0-5V or 0-3 V
  • Ud : Differential voltage output , +-4V or +- 2.7V