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Vibration Analyzer-Cum-Laser Alignment System

Model 7M701TXV

The 7M701TXV Vibration Spectrum Analyzer is a compact yet powerful instrument for overall vibration measurements, vibration spectrum analysis of rotating equipment, immediate ISO 10816 evaluation, route and off-route data acquisition, balancing of rotary machinery. Route files and data file sharing via email make it ideal for collecting data from remote sites. Easy to use, with free firmware updates, comes with data management and reporting software. Optionally, the analyzer can be completed with measuring units and a set of accessories for high-precision laser alignment of horizontal and vertical mechanisms, geometric measurements. 

 Vibration Spectrum Analyser and Laser Shaft Alignment Kit

Vibration Analyser Options : 

701TXV-C2                                           Dual Channel Analyser

701TXV-C4                                           Four Channel Analyser

Specifications :

  • Inputs                                              2 or 4 inputs for IEPE or charge type accelerometers with known sensitivity, switchable plus tachometer
  • AD conversion                                24 bits
  • Dynamic range                               106dB
  • Frequency range                            1 Hz to 50kHz
  • Vibration measurement range         Acceleration    :           200m/s2
  •                                                         Velocity           :           200mm/s
  •                                                         Displacement  :           2000┬Ám
  • Accuracy                                         +/-5%
  • Tachometer range                           10-200 000rpm
  • FFT spectrum resolution                 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12 800, 25 600, 51 200,102 400 lines
  • Data storage                                   4GB micro SD card
  • PC interface                                    USB
  • Display                                            Colour
  • Battery                                             Li-Ion rechargeable, up to 8 hours continuous use
  • Dimensions                                     220 x 102 x 40mm
  • Weight                                             470g


Add Laser Shaft Accessories Below 

Laser Shaft Alignment Ad-Ons 

QBS or QBM                                          Laser shaft functionality as per below table

QB701 table 2022 

pdficon largeQB701 Brochure

Conspect Report H


AVV711 Versions                                  Laser shaft functionality as per below table

AVV711 Table For Vibration Analyser 

pdficon largeAVV711 Brochure