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Laser Shaft Alignment Kit AVV711

Pump and Motor Alignment Kit

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AVV711 Laser Alignment System

The Laser Shaft Alignment Kit Model AVV-711 is a compact laser alignment system offering the benefits of dynamic, precision laser shaft alignment for pump and motor alignment.

 AVV711 Kit Standard             

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  • Horizontal and vertical shaft alignment
  • Machines with spacer shafts
  • Machine train
  • Soft foot
  • Shim simulation
  • Thermal growth
  • Direct PDF reports
  • Auto shoot and multipoint readings
  • Fixed feet
  • 10m sensor distance 

Specifications and Features

  • AVV711 Colour display control unit with "Windows style" menu features
  • Dual axis, electronic inclinometer measuring transducers
  • High precision two-axis measurement system allows alignment in two planes simultaneously
  • Up to 10m measuring distance between sensors
  • Visible red 635-670 nm, <1 mW laser
  • Positional-sensitive photodiodes, 10 х 10 mm laser dot
  • 1% + 0.01, measurement accuracy
  • Display resolution, 0.01 or 0.001 mm
  • 10 hour, rechargeable, battery life
  • Multipoint readings up to 36 points within 60 to 360° rotation
  • Hassle free rough alignment
  • Flexible data management - stop the measurement session at any point, turn off the device, and return to it at a later time
  • Print a report via the database software on your PC or save it directly into a .pdf file on the device
  • Onboard “ConSpect” software for PDF report writing
  • Calibration certificate valid for 2 years
  • 50 Month limited warranty

Conspect Report H

System Package includes

AVV711 Colour control unit, 2 x measuring transducers with built-in inclinometer and wireless adapter transceivers, 2 x 150mm threaded rods, 2 x 90mm threaded rods, 750mm chains, universal V shaft brackets with magnets, onboard “ConSpect” software and manuals, USB cable, USB charger, carry case, manufacturer's verification certificate valid for 2 years, 50 month limited warranty.

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