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MoniLog MicroShockDetector

Small Impact Recorder For Equipment Over 1 Ton


 SMT Elektronik


csm monilog micro shock detector 4245605968

Small lightweight shock data logger with intelligent signal filtering and evaluation. Indicates limit value overruns with Alarm LED.






  • Registers the 200 largest shock events in the X, Y, Z direction
  • Saves up to 10 curve progressions of the largest shocks
  • Intelligent signal filtering and evaluation
  • Indicates limit value overruns with alarm LED
  • Continuous temperature recording
  • Intuitive operation, extremely long and independent operating time
  • Communication via USB
  • Easy configuration and evaluation with license-free PC software
  • Configurable recording time over start-stop time
  • Easy mounting with adhesive pad, screws or magnetic feet



  • High-sensitivity devices, e.g. large, superconducting magnets in medical technology, need a safe and demonstrable protection during transport or during storage.
  • The compact MONILOGĀ® MicroShockDetector provides the best services.
  • It is smaller than a smartphone and weighs only 180 grams.
  • The measuring device reliably stores all data on shocks of every dimension, assigns them to acceleration classes, provides curve progressions and reports alarms as soon as limit values are exceeded.
  • In addition, the temperature is monitored.
  • The switch-on time of the MicroShockDetector is easy to configure.
  • All data can be read out via the USB port, transferred to a PC and evaluated.
  • The device is quickly installed and dismantled with adhesive pads, screws or supplied magnetic holding feet.

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