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Precision Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

Checkline Precision Thickness Gauge TI-007X

The TI-007X is a precision ultrasonic wall thickness gauge designed for high-resolution measurements on thin-wall metal and plastics.

Available with data logging or without.

ti 007x kitti 007x precision ultrasonic wall thickness gauge

The TI-007X is a precision ultrasonic wall thickness gauge designed for high-resolution measurements on thin-wall metal and plastics. It is packaged in a sturdy extruded aluminum housing which is sealed for excellent environmental protection assuring trouble-free use even in the toughest field and production environments.

The TI-007X has measuring range in steel from 0.0060 to 1.0000 inch, (0.15 to 25.40 mm). Using a single element delay tip transducer, the gauges will measure thin materials and automatically remove any coatings in Echo-Echo Mode (E-E) as well as automatically switch to Interface Echo Mode (I-E)when measuring thicker materials, For measurement of plastics, the user would select Plastic Mode (PLAS) and use the option Graphite Delay Line Tip (p/n X-633-0000).

Additional Measuring Modes include Differential (DIFF) where a user sets a "nominal value" and the gauge displays the ± difference between then nominal and actual wall thickness, Alarm (user-set Hi/Low Limits) trigger Hi/Lo LED's when the measured values are out of tolerance and Velocity Mode

The TI-007X can also be used with single element contact transducers for wall thickness measurements up to 36 inches (923 mm). Although the TI-007X does not have any built-in memory, it can transfer single values (value on the display) via the USB port to a PC or compatible data collector. No Software is required.

Range with Standard Delay Line Transducer
0.0060" - 1.000" / 0.15 - 25.40 mm

Range with Contact Transducers
up to 36.00" / 915.0 mm


  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Resolution of 0.0001 inch (0.001 mm)
  • Large, backlit LCD display retains last reading
  • Selectable units of inch or mm
  • Selectable Backlight ON/OFF/AUTO
  • Optional serial RS-232 or Bluetooth output
  • IP 65 Rated for protection even in the toughest field conditions
  • Operates on two (2) AA Batteries - 45 hours continuous operation
  • Powered by: 120MHz FPGA timing & 100 volt spike pulser
  • Measure Modes: Pulse-Echo (P-E), Echo-Echo (E-E), Interface Echo (I-E) and Plastics (PLAS)
  • Additional Modes Include Differential (from user-entered "nominal value"), Alarm (user-set Hi/Low Limits) and Velocity Mode
  • LCD shows Thickness Value, Velocity Setting, Gain Setting, Stability & Battery Indicators, Scan Mode, Zero and units
  • Scan mode, 100 readings/sec. Probe is slid over a large measuring area, the minimum thickness during the "scan" will be displayed
  • Calibrate to a sample of known thickness which automatically calculates the optimal acoustic velocity
  • USB Data output of single values for transfer to data collection devices (no internal memory)
  • Adjustable GAIN (AGC) in 5 steps to fine tune the gauge for use on challenging materials or applications
  • Can be used with both Single Element Delay Line and contact transducers (5 to 20MHz)
  • 5 Year Warranty, CE-Certified and Made in USA


P/N Description Standard / Optional Image
X-231-0000 1/4" x 3/8"
for all metals
X-241-0000 1/4" x 1/2"
for all metals
X-633-0000 1/4" x 3/8"
Graphite Tip
for thin plastics
(Graphite Short)


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