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PCE BTM 2000 A and BTM 2000 ICA

The belt tension meter is an optically measuring maintenance tool for determining the belt tension force. This belt tension meter consists of a display device and a sensor head attached on a semi-flexible gooseneck. The advantage of the gooseneck is that the sensor head can be flexibly positioned. Due to the mobility of the gooseneck, the sensor can measure the strand force even in hard to reach places. The belt tension measuring device measures the belt tension (in Newton) and the belt frequency (in Hz) of the belt in the stationary state.

BTM 2000BTM 2000 Kit

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  • Measurement of the oscillation frequency of the drive belt
  • Intuitive controls
  • Calculation of the tension force
  • Display of the belt tension in N
  • 6 menu languages
  • Memory for 750 measured values
  • Sensor on gooseneck
  • Input of belt length and belt mass

Range : 10 -900Hz

Supplied with :

1 x Belt Tension Meter PCE-BTM 2000A, 1 x Standard sensor head, 3 x 1.5 V AA battery,1 x Operating instructions,1 x Carrying bag

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Checkline BTM 400 Plus 

Correct belt tension cannot be stressed enough when it comes to belt longevity, strain on bearings, shafts and machinery.

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The CHECK-LINE® BTM-400PLUS accurately measures the static tension of flat, V and ribbed belts of rubber, leather, fabric and composite materials by measuring the natural frequency (Hz) of a segment of the belt that has been tapped and then converting it into tension units of newtons (N) or pounds force (lbf). The instrument uses a pulsed ruby red light source to measure the natural frequency of the vibrating belt. Unlike competitive models, the BTM-400PLUS is NOT affected by ambient noise, providing quick reliable results in all production and field applications.

Range : 3 - 800Hz

Supplied with :

Two separate Sensors a plug-in type for one-handed operation and a cable-connected type for measuring belts with limited access space.