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Shocklog Calibrations And Rentals

RD298 Shocklog and Shocklog 298 Calibrations Have A One Year Calibration Interval And Need To Be Returned To Us For Calibration


In 2010 the Shocklog RD 298 (Blue) was discontinued and replaced with the Shocklog 298 (Red). In 2012, repairs and international calibration on these loggers was stopped. Impact Instruments however have continued calibrating (triaxial shock only) and training on these Shocklogs in order to support the many blue Shocklog users in the Southern African market. Spare parts, repairs and associated accessories for the Shocklog RD 298 (Blue) however is not possible. Eskom and associated companies require annual calibration of the impact recorders.

RD 298 PNG File     Shocklog 298 2021

We can assist with :

  • Annual calibration - Shocklog RD 298 (Blue) and Shocklog 298 (Red)
  • Training on either Shocklog model and model specific software 
  • Rentals of Shocklog 298 (Red) with report analysation