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GUIDE IR236 IR Fever Warning SystemStop Covid 19

Fixed, Automatic, Thermal Fever System For Crowds Guide IR 236


GUIDE IR236 IR Fever Warning Systems are used to screen crowded public places en mass.  Combining advanced technology such as a thermal human body temperature measurement algorithm and intelligent face tracking for accuracy and ease of use. Powerful functions include multi-target tracking (several areas are targeted simultaneously), customised warning zones and high-temperature shielding (avoiding interference from other high-temperature objects). Once an individual with a fever is detected, an automatic warning, tracking and photo is taken for storage and classification, or further inspection and isolation. GUIDE IR236 is the ideal equipment for epidemic prevention in public places such as airports, mines, factories, embassies.


Higher efficiency on temperature detection, for mass fever screening

Temperature screening for multiple people at the same time, no need to stop the crowd. Real-time temperature monitoring at any point in the field of view. 
IR 236 2

                                                                                                                     Portable Fever Scanning Camera


Temperature measurement of people while moving from up to eight meters away, avoiding close contact required by temperature guns and reducing the risk of infection
 IR 236 3 

Smarter, automatic tracking, warning, photo capturing for storage

Powered by the AI-enabled face tracking technology, the system can automatically focus on a persons face and sound an alarm, giving the inspectors an effective and efficient tool to deal with densely populated and fast-moving scenarios.

IR 236 4

AI algorithm, accurate temperature detection

In the past 20 years, attention has been given to constant algorithm optimization coupled with software and hardware upgrades, especially in the field of deep learning based on the neural network, ensuring fast and accurate temperature detection.

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