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GA-40Tplus Portable Gas Analyser

Combustion Analyser With Built-In Sample Conditioner

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Compliant to EN 50379 and EN 50270

GA 40 T plus 4 comp

GA40T Plus can be used in a quasi-stationary mode when connected to mains power and ventilation mode is activated

Main features

  •  Equipped with up to 7 electrochemical cells
  •  Equipped with up to 2 NDIR sensors
  •  Built-in 58mm ribbon, graphic printer
  •  Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of operation
  •  Built-in Peltier dryer with peristaltic pump for condensate removal
  •  Equipped with heated hose with built-in heated gas filter
  •  Heated hose with standard M30x1 fitting, fits all madur gas probes with K-type thermocouples
  •  Additional gas filter with condensate trap
  •  Differential pressure sensor - for measurements of chimney draft and flow velocity (with help of Pitot tube)
  •  Soot measurement program
  •  Measurements of gas and ambient temperatures, optionally 2 additional inputs for temperature sensors
  •  Analogue outputs (4-20mA / 0-10V) - optional
  •  Built-in large memory for results, two formats of data savings
  •  Calculations of many additional parameters
  •  Firmware for gas calibrations

Optional Extras 

  • MicroSD card for saving to .CSV files
  • Bluetooth comms for use with PC or Android using TabCom APP
  • Optional 4-20mA outputs are possible 
  • %RH and ambient temperature probe 
  • GF-4 Scrubber is an answer for applications with an excessive amount of pollutants in the process, wher the set of combined filters is able to remove a substantial part of theGF4 contaminants. Designed for Syngas applications but used in other applications to remove dust, oil mist or tar prior to sampling inside the analyser.


pdficon largeBrochure

pdficon largeBrochure