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Vibration Surveys

Vibration Analysis

Impact Instruments has been providing vibration monitoring as a service to customers, since the company's inception and has an ongoing customer database that is serviced at specified intervals. Surveys are performed by a qualified mechanical engineer with at least two years experience. A route of measurement points is created in the Condition Monitoring Software and uploaded to the portable vibration data collector, which is used on-site for data collection and later download. Horizontal, vertical and axial readings are collected on bearings of all identified equipment. Velocity readings are used to assess the overall mechanical condition of the machine and pick up problems such as imbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness. Acceleration and enveloped acceleration, are used to assess the condition of the rolling element bearings and gears (if any) in the application.

A hard copy report and cd is compiled and consists of : 

  • Measurement location and overall vibration values at this point
  • % of change between the last measurement and the previous measurement (only available after 2 data collections)
  • Alarm status for the overall values (Alert and/or Danger)
  • Diagnosis for the machine
  • Recommendations, if any
  • FFT spectrum and/or time trace showing the problem on the machine if any
  • Trend plot (available after at least 2 data collections)
  • Discussion on the problems detected

 Vibration report eg