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maMoS Product Specifications and Add ons

Analyser’s standard equipment supply and optional extras

Mamos technical data Ordering Guide Component Specifications & Add Ons

Standard equipment supply :


  • maMoS gas analyser on a mounting plate
  • Power supply unit that converts mains supply 115VAC or 230VAC to 24VDC for maMoS with power plug
  • Gas dryer (options to choose from, application specific)
  • USB communication cable (5m)
  • 8 analogue outputs (4x current, 4x voltage)
  • 2 digital inputs for triggering maMoS behavior
  • 7-pin connector for Tgas probe (thermocouple connection)
  • Software CD with PC programmes and user guides
  • 4 wall plugs to attach mounting plate
  • condensate bag for water collection
  • 2 maMoS igniton keys

MD2 gas dryer

MD2 Gas Dryer

An essential component the MD2 gas dryer – economy class Peltier cooler unit. - Ordering code: ZMAM-DRYER-MD2

MD3 gas dryerMD3 Gas Dryer

An essential component for high moisture and low range sensors, high efficiency gas dryer, based on the Peltier cooling element. Equipped with 1 or 2 microfibre filters. Instead of the basic MD2 dryer. Ordering code: ZMA3-DRYER-MD3S – MD3 dryer with 1 filter; ZMA3-DRYER-MD3S2 – MD3 dryer with 2 filters

MD3 gas dryer with power supplyMD3 Gas Dryer with power supply

MD3 gas dryer with its own power supply module. Can work as a part of maMoS analyser (in split or twin-split configurations), or as a standalone device. Ordering code: M10-00001

Stationary gas probeStationary probe

Gas probe designed specially for stationary purposes. Probe is available in different lengths and is equipped with suitable holder (different types are available). 
Optionally it may also be equipped with: 

  • Thermocouple for measurement of gas temperature.
  • Sintered stainless-steel filter (cleanable) - especially recommended when dealing with high         concentration of dust and soot.
  • ”Blow-back” cleaning option - valve that allows to switch between measured gas and the compressed air inlet that is used for cleaning the sintered filter. Ordering code:see stationary probe ordering guide

Heated hoses

The purpose of heated hose is to prevent any moisture that is present in the measured gas from condensing in an uncontrolled way, somewhere in the gas channel. Heated hoses warm up the gas to temperatures about the 130°C - 150°C to keep the water in vapour state. The hot gas reaches the analyser's gas dryer, where the vapour is condensed and water removed as quickly as possible. Such solution is especially recommended in measurements of SO2, NO2, Cl2, NH3 and other gases that quickly react with water and create different compounds, making the measurement of the “original” process gas much falsified.

Mamos 10

Pitot tube

Pitot tube is used Pitot tubefor indirect measurement of gas flow velocity (measurement with the analysers differential pressure sensor). 
A few tube lengths are available. Pitot tube has 2m gas tubings to connect it with the analyser. 
It may be provided with a suitable holder for stationary purposes. Ordering code: Z00-PITOT-5002 – 500mm tube with connecting hoses; Z00-PITOT-8002 – 800mm tube with connecting hoses

Heated filterHeated filter

Heated filter is installed right after the gas probe. Best when it is paired with a heated hose, to prevent vapour from condensing. Ordering code: see heated filter section

USB communication cable

Standard USB type B cable that allows connection between a computer and maMoS analyser. Length-5m Ordering code: 563B0001B

Ethernet / WiFi communication interfaces

Optional interface allows communication with maMoS analyser and a LAN network either via cable or wirelessly with help of special WiFi adapter. Ordering code: ZMA3-ADAP-WIFI


  • IP 55 without climate control, with fan forced ventilation
  • IP 65 without climate control
  • IP 65 with climate control

Mamos enclosureMamos 5

Mamos 4

Optional equipment for older versions of mamos analyser

RS232C to USB converter

2.5m cable, that allows connection between the analyser (its RS232C port) with USB port and PC computer (especially valuable when PC is not equipped with COM port). Ordering code: Z40P-USB-ADAP

Bluetooth communication module

Module connected to the analyser’s RS232C port, allows communication between analyser and  PC computer over a Bluetooth protocol. Ordering code: Z40P-BLUE-TOOTH