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Process Measurement

Vibration monitors and analysers

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     RH 711 User Friendly Operating Screen  RH711 Integrated Vibration Meter



The RH711 Single Channel Vibration Analyzer

Available in two versions, the RH711 is a high performance, user friendly, inspection instrument, used for spot checking and on or off route analysis.In addition to vibration measurement, the unit has an integrated 30 : 1 infrared temperature sensor and the RH711D can be used to perform single plane balancing.

CH1:Vibration(ICP accelerometer),  voltage(±5V AC)
Data acquisition parameters
Frequency span:2~10kHz
Sampling frequency:Maximal 25.6KHz
Hardware Integral:integration, double integration
A/D conversion:16 bit
Harmonic distortion:<-70dB
Parameters:Sampling frequency,high pass filter,low pass filter,Sampling length
Waveform length:1024, 2048, 4096, 8192
Lines: 400, 800, 1600, 3200 Lines
Averaging:linearity, peak hold
Window function type: Rectangle and Hanning
Internal infrared temperature detector
Temperature range:0~300(℃)
Precision:±2%, ±2℃ Maximal
Emission rate:0~1 adjustable
Distance to spot ratio:30:1
Single-Plane Dynamic Balance
Balance method:method of influence coefficient
3.5 inches, 320×240 pixels, 260K true color
Electric resistance touch screen (not standard configuration, optional)
Working environment
humidity:< 95% (without condensate)
protection grade IP54, dustproof, waterproof
Charging time
About 4 hours
Working time
working Time (Continuous) >10 Hours
Storage capacity
Key board
21 keys
iButton 1990A
grip size(width×depth):52×28(mm)
IP 54
Radio Frequency Indentification
RFID, Frequency13.56MHz, Detection distance: within 3cm(not standard configuration, optional).
Anti-explosion options
Anti-explosion identification


Model RH 711 C Without balancing

Kit includes :
  • Battery x 1
  • Double ended USB cable x 1
  • Charger x 1
  • RH 103, 100mV/g accelerometer x 1
  • Sensor cable, lemo to military pin x 1
  • Magnetic base with screw x 1
  • Instrument bag x 1
  • Neck strap x 1
  • Instrument manual x 1
  • MRS 3000, data analysis software x 1
  • Carry case x 1

From R 45 000.00 Excluding VAT.

Model RH 711 D With single plane balancing

Kit includes : 
  • Battery x 1
  • Double ended USB cable x 1
  • Charger x 1
  • RH 103, 100mV/g accelerometer x 1
  • Sensor cable, lemo to military pin x 1
  • Cable adapter x 1
  • Magnetic base with screw x 1
  • RH 109, laser tachometer x 1
  • Reflective tape x 1
  • Instrument bag x 1
  • Neck strap x 1
  • Instrument manual x 1
  • MRS 3000, data analysis software x 1
  • Carry case x 1

From R 49 990.00 Excluding VAT.

Model RH 711 D Ex With single plane balancing and Ex rating

Classification : Ex ib II B T3 GB, approved under the GB 3836 standards

From R 72 000.00 Excluding VAT.

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Portable Vibration Analyser Model RH 802

RH802 Operating Screen













The RH802 Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer

Is a  powerful, portable, spectrum analyzer with functions that include long, time domain waveform, cross-phase measurement, run up / coast down, bump testing and on-site dynamic balancing measurement. Used for equipment fault diagnosis and single or double plane dynamic balancing, required by professional analysts. 

Analog input
Channel 1:vibration(ICP accelerometer),Voltage(±21V AC or DC)
Channel 2:vibration(ICP accelerometer)、Voltage(±21V AC or DC),tacho
Accelerometer, Velocity Pickups, Displacement Probes, voltage transducer
Signal range
A/D conversion
16 bit
Analog measurement
once、twice integration
Maximal analysis frequency
40kHz(double channel Maximal: 20kHz)
Sampling frequency
256Hz – 102.4kHz
Dynamic signal range
1%( 0.1dB)
Signal processing
Sampling frequency, High band pass filter, low band pass filter, Sampling length, users can set any value as needed.
400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
Time domain Sampling
1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
Window function type
Hanning, Rectangle window
Linearity, peak hold
Long time domain waveform
Maximal waveform is 10M, maximal analysis frequency of Dual-channel is 10KHz, maximal analysis frequency of single channel is 20K.
Overall value
Minimum interval: 0.1 sec
Cross-phase measurement
view cross-power and phase difference spectrum simultaneously
Dynamic balance
On site single or double plane dynamic balance by Influence coefficient method
Coast up/down testing
with or without order tracking
Basic index
True color LCD, 320×240pixles, contrast adjustable
22 keys
USB, 600KB/s
Storage capacity
USB 2.0
Rechargeable Li-ion battery, working Time (Continuous) >10 Hours, two channel working time >8 Hours
Charging time
About 4 hours
95% RH without condensate
Protection grade
190 X110 X50mm


Model RH 802 With dynamic balancing

Features :

  • Large 3.5" TFT LCD screen, simple flow chart operationg, compact and light weight
  • 1GB storage capacity
  • Wide frequency range (0~40KHz), high spectrum resolution ratio, can meet the requirement for precise and complex machinary (high-speed gear) analysis.
  • Very flexible data acquisition parameters include high and low band pass filters, sampling length and sampling frequency.
  • On or off route data acquisition can be stored by sequence number or by measure point number. 

Comprehensive Functions :

  • Measures : velocity, acceleration and displacement
  • Measures : RPM
  • Single or dual channel channel waveform, spectrum, overall value and long waveform
  • Measures XPM, cross-power spectrum, phase difference spectrum, and phase differencing
  • Run up / coast down testing analysis for variable spped drives and start / stop of machinary
  • On site dynamic balancing
  • Bump testing

Kit includes :

  • Battery x 1
  • Double ended USB cable x 1
  • Charger x 1
  • RH 103, 100mV/g accelerometer x 2
  • Sensor cable, Lemo to military pin x 2
  • Magnetic base with screw x 2
  • RH 109, laser tachometer x 1
  • Tachometer holder
  • Reflective tape x 1
  • Instrument bag x 1
  • Instrument manual x 1
  • MRS 3000, data analysis software x 1
  • Carry case x 1

From R 145 00.00 Excluding VAT.

Dual Plane Balancing

RH802 Balancing 6 up

Bump Test

RH 802 Bump test

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MRS Software

Each vibration analysis kit is supplied with one licensed version of the MRS Software for use on up to three pc's.

Fields include :

  • Vibration data measurement, dynamic balancing, coast up and down and (bump) hammer response.
  • Dual channel synchronous data measurement, maximum 32K time waveform measurement or 12800 lines spectrum; long time wavefom support 10M time waveform measurement for dual chanel (20M for single channel).

Uploading a new piece of equipment, with multiple points and parameters, is quick and easy

MRS 3000 Route generation
MRS Uploading a new point

 Powerful, user friendly, multi functional software, for uploading, downloading and report generation in a choice of formats, amongst others Word, PDF, Excel, HTML etc. 

MRS Report options
RH 802 Analysis 3